Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day Before, Day Before and the Day Before that Day

Don’t let the silence of this starting-a-new-magazine blog fool you. Because it is thundering above my head and rolling beneath my feet.

In fact, from this point forward I will categorize the updates into these areas:

Gathered samples and resent request with samples to graphic designers. This is one area in danger of falling behind or rather holding back the other areas. Will need to recast the net to everyone I know. I am tempted to try my hand at a nameplate, but darnit, I think it has to be done professionally and I can’t start the process using dyi

Personnel: Four solid leads. What looks like 3 amatuers and one professional. I’ve kept them updated and on the line with hopes of having some photography meetings where I provide samples of what we need and where they determine what $$ if any, they can work for. Will try to get pro bono first, commissioned secondly and finally a wage if necessary and able.
Content: building folder of all sample work likes and dislikes.
Location: listing all potential landcape/scenic/landmark for future photoshoots.
Inhouse: Todo: Look up and record, file, photoshoot session off of PinkChalkStudio blog.

Lists begun for features, sections, promos
Premiere issue feature targeted
Todo: contact K.Healy quilt maker/designer; focus on Christmas crafts; contact quilt magazines for pointers on designer/contributors

Lists begun
Todo: prepare contract packages


Todo: prepare PR/funding packages

Called E&M—very valuable information
Todo: call US distribution points.

Register IQ with national library for INSN ID
Registered name Irish Quilting
Todo: register IQ name

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