Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day Two

Okay, many thoughts today. The mind is racing. How to get this done.

Firstly, three? 3? Three tasks a day? Now, how and why did I think three tasks a day would suffice for getting a biz off the ground? Sure, it is the early days, but just so for that reason, I should be laying it on thick. More like ten tasks a day. Right?

Well, naturally after that I have merely to report this as my only task:

1. Sent email looking for graphic designers

Oh, but the thinking. Hopefully that counts for something.

Today I had snippets of thoughts that went like: what if I can do this? what if the content is not good enough? what if I run out of steam? But I can. I can. I can.

Upcoming tasks include:

1. Business Plan, Business Plan, Business Plan!!
2. Phone American Q mags and ask how contributors, designers, patterns and content works.
3. Phone printers in Ireland (minimal 3)
4. Phone Irish mag and schedule appt with disribution manager for an informational interview
5. Send IPS research email.
6. Produce spreadsheets for printers, advertisers, features, regular spots, seasonal content, contributors, subscribers, distribution contacts, potential expenses, location/idea for cover shots
7. Develop and write one feature.
8. Build timeline
9. Email looking for photographers
10 Research college/vocational schools looking for up-and-coming graphic artists and photographers looking for limelight (for free)
11. Draft letter to enterprise, small biz board looking for grants/aid
12. Draft letter to potential advertisers
13. Add 20 advertisers to list a day.
14. Add 20 distribution contacts to list a day.
15. Draft letter to subscribers
16. Add 20 cover shot/ideas for cover to list a day.
17. Phone Brittish Q mag for research.
18. Draft letter to contribitor
19. Add 10 contributor/designer a day
20. List other admin needs such as incorporating, setting up biz paperwork
21. Secure web name and set up email.

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