Monday, May 19, 2008

Day Six

Finished my daughter's quilt. This is a large sample quilt. I can use it to show at teh IPS meeting, jsut help get my name in front of the crowd. What I would love to show is my Stars and Flowers Americana quilt, but I just don't know that I will be ready in time, and I'm not rushing that quilt.

The tension is acting up in my sewing machine, so I will see if I can get it looked at by one of the gals in our group on Wednesday.

While sewing took up a lot of time, I did send gobs of emails out. And I'm happy to report that my email box is jammed with email relating to IQ.

A big hand out and hearts out to all my friends who are graphic designers. Each and everyone of them responded to my email. All said they would think about and only two moms said they might not get anything to me. No prob. Now! How to get the other volunteers to get moving. I set up a document of sample mastheads and hve been sending back with my thank yous. I will resend the whole batch later this week and ask if anyone has come up with something.

The logo should be straight forward, heck I'm not opposed to me doing something up. But this needs to be first rate. So I will push and see what I can get donated for a look.

Emails! Emails! Emails!

Heard back from Bonnie Hunter; knew I would. She is the best.
Nothing from Mark Liplinsky, but I'm not giving up.
Heard back from NIPG (nothern ireland patchwork guild)--Irene--I've seen her work around. She is not in any official capacity, but I did send on my bio and questionnaire.

Spent a lot of time with neighbor plowing through her magazines. Great feedback. She is jazzed byu the idea and soon she came knocking on my door with a stack of crafts magazines. All American or Brittish.


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