Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day Five

Began Business Plan!!!!!
Sent email to IPS contact hoping to start capturing statistics and the trends of quilting in Ireland.
Researched & potential feature: Sent email to Mark Liplinski
Researched & potential feature: Sent email to Bonnie Hunter
Posted want ad for graphic designers and photographers on VS blog
Added to features list
Added to advertisers list
Added to regular items list

As today is also a sewing day for me. I will be completing a quilt so I might show-and-tell at next Saturday's IPS meeting. It's all about networking.

Tomorrow's Tasks:

Email more contacts
Email media studies schools for graphic designers and photographers. I figure I can use numerous photographers and should have them all submit work.
List cover image locations.
List cover quilt potentials.
Add to advertiser lists
Add to feature lists
Build small biz/entrep lists

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