Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 7

My mind is going all the time for IQ. and the email is packed for IQ

NIPG came back, more info so I sent my bio and my questionnaire.
No word on IPS.
Received an email from craft council. I sent them an inquiry for the Guild listed, but no website anywhere. They forwarded me to an outside contact. Funny enough she forwarded me to the IPS. So that is double duty, but I don't mind if it gets their attention.
I think the guild is namesake only. Soon to find out.

Spent a good part of the day talking to Ben a friend and graphic artist. He is brillant and let me me sound off him and he provided vital points and concerns. Initial thoughts are is there a larger market? My gut is we have to focus on the export distribution as the focus. This means trickery advertising.

Also good tip is to start stockpiling looks and feels, photo wise for my cover location shots. Even if I want photographer to copy, I can give them a photo say, do something like this.

Ben and I spent time talking about the enterprise board and potential flaws they could bring up. More reasons to shore up my business plan.

He gave me a couple contacts, printers as well as crafts council key people and I hope to call them this week. I owe him an email with all my info (and graphics wishlist) and he is sending me some vital info too.

I shared my timeline with him and I think that sparked some interest. Think he knows know I'm serious. Basically, roughly, the RDS show, Knit and Stitch is big in Ireland, really big, though not too great results from fans lately. Anyway, it is last weekend in Oct/first in Nov. If we could have the premier issue (December Christmas) on a stand at the show, it would be rockin'!! Even if it was a limited first edition--if that makes any business sense, depends on ads and printing costs. Thought is why should we limit the number, except to make it seem special.

Spent a good part of an hour adding to list of advertisers, well into the hundreds. I hope to have thousands by the time we need to begin calling/soliciting/sending packets.--July?
What a big job that will be and that is only the beginning. The sale is always in the followup process.

Laptop is due to arrive next week; that will be great. I can do a lot of the cataloging in bed then!

Ok, onto my biz plan...

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