Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day One

This blog makes the goal official. And incase I wasn't aware that it would take long hours, late hours and sleepless hours, it is nearly 11pm on the eve of a 5:30am wakeup, yet I press on, so that I might reaffirm that this venture can be done.

The first and continual exercise throughout the makings of this goal will have tremendous results: Each day, conduct three tasks to leading to this goal. Big or small, at least three tasks should be attempted for each day.

Today's tasks, being in the early stages, revolve around Research.

1. Compose research questions for the IPS.
2. Solicit feedback and more Qs (for IPS) from biz minded quilters (AM & Beck), via email
3. Solicit friend's old/spare/fav/subscription magazines in list or in copy, via email
4. Field trip
5. Create IQ Blog

Field trip
Eason's DunDrum (today: 6pm) three quilt magazines (one French in English! and two Brittish). Note five(!) cardmaking/scrapbook magazines
Bought Quilt Mania (French) it is adorable 8.12 Euros
Bought Brittish PAtchwork & Quilting; average but packed with quilt patterns 5.85 Euros
Tesco's DunDrum (today: 6:30pm) no quilt magazines
Bought Food and Wine 3.99 Euro
Bought U 1.50
Turns out both these non quilting mags are owned by same Publication house. Figures why I liked them both. Slick, clean and not overpowering but yet alluring. U has printer listed.

Tomorrow's Tasks
Call Printers for quotes
Email Graphic designers
Email Friends for Graphic designers
Take penned notes and produce tasks lists.

Where's your IQ today?

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