Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day Three

Field Trip

Went to the Dundrum Library; they have maybe 25-35 periodicals and none of them are crafts magazines. After discussing opportunities with the librarian, she said anything coined "Irish" would certainly be liklihood that the library scheme can/will carry my mag. The local branches request what they want to carry and the head office approves it.

Also, my doctor office said they too would consider carrying the magazine for the wait room--it share offices with New Age artists. Food for thought and potential distribution contacts.

At the library I picked up this book.

I read it in one evening. It covers many points. I knew them all! Toot, Toot. That is the sound of my own horn.
But seriously, it gives me some confidence that I am covering the basics. Certainly some key items are always in need of refreshing and rereading.

Began several spreadsheets for my lists.
Studied the magazines for styles and treatments.

A lot of thought is going on about the graphics and photography. These will be key. The initial graphics, if I have too, i will do a streamline headmast, just to get some stationary.
First, the business plan. I must get cracking on that!

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