Thursday, December 17, 2009

Twilight Press

It's 3:34 a.m. and someone wants to know when the next issue is due out. Priorities, people. Lucky for this emailer, I'm at my desk and can give her an answer (in just two weeks..North America, a little longer).

While my sleep-deprived designer works his magic, I await the results, ready for a thumbs up or a thumbs down for each and every special, lovely page. There's pagination, high resolution, optimisation and a whole bunch of other techy jargon flying to and fro.
But don't worry, I gots your emails and I gots answers!

Meanwhile, drafts go and new drafts come. We think, have we caught it all? Are our facts correct? Are the photos right? Are the page layouts correct? Don't get me started on the text... Do writers ever stop editing? I can edit and rewrite and rewrite for days. When does one stop? Not soon enough, cries our designer.

Around midnight, Ginger from the U.S. was looking for a calendar and boy, she thought it was late for me then!

Answering emails at dark o'clock in the morning makes me look pretty darn dedicated.

Wait a minute, I am dedicated!

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