Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Cover Is Worth A Couple Pictures

We had another great day in the office. We are working ahead (yes!) and while choosing a future cover, we were stumped. Do we pick A or B? B or A? or C?
A? B? or C?

Choices, people! We have choices! I love it when that happens. One day I'm going to blog, or even print, the covers that weren't. Some shots and covers are so incredible, you nearly want to create a whole other issue just so a cover won't go to waste. But I won't. For fear my family'll leave me!

And then...Easons, our Irish distributor (who I was just complaining about...shame on me!) sent a lovely bottle of wine to the office for the Christmas spirit. A year in biz and yes! we are finally feeling the love!

Talking about the love... Did you know Quiltposium has 225,000 registered readers? It is a lovely ezine and best of all, I'm a contributor! Check us out on pages 74-76! Not sure why half of page 76 is empty. Waste of space! And I could have written for days...

Now, I'm feeling very cheeky--what's this red wine doing in the office?

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KristenMary said...

OMG, you are hilarious! It would be so fun to see the rejected covers. I bet each one gives a whole different feeling to the issue.