Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Have you heard?
We are going to make a difference!
What's happening? Rain, rain and more rain. Levys breaking and homes evacuating on a daily basis. Cork City still shut down. Sallins in dire need. Athone still suffers, Galway areas still suffering. A once in 800 year storm of floods!

What's the response? Quilters around the world are busy making and donating quilts and quilt blocks.

Interesting: We are working to find an Irish organisation with collection points around Ireland. If you know of organisations that might help facilitate this process, please email me.

Definite: Even if we have to hit the waters in our dingy boat, we make sure every donated quilt reaches a victim in need, we will!

Donate: Sent quilts, blocks, backing, wadding to Irish Quilting, Flood Quilt Relief Action, Berowra Djouce, Roundwood County Wicklow Ireland

Questions: Call +353 1 281 2028

Artwork: courtesy of Rachel over at P.S. I Quilt. She's great!

Thanks a million!

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