Friday, December 4, 2009

It Helps to Be Resourceful

For an upcoming issue, we are doing a fantastic feature. Something to which we can all relate. Well maybe we can relate to one or two items. Or four or five. Or maybe, nine or ten?

The article is 50 Biggest Mistakes Quilters Make.

Once the content was researched and written, we needed visuals. Like, who has a really bad pieced or quilted quilt? I want to see mistakes! I want to see obvious oh-ohs! I want to cringe!

Finally, we found one yesterday and I was delighted to hand it over to our photographer. Pretty chuffed that we could fulfill the imagery requirements.

And then, I realised. It did, afterall, come straight from my own personal stack!
ah hem.

What are your mistakes? I dare you to send photos!

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