Friday, April 17, 2009

Belfast Biz

Yesterday, today and tomorrow we've been in Belfast at the Stitch & Creative Craft Show. Itchin' to ask the organisers what craft is not creative?

If you look closely, you will only see Issue 2 on our table. YES! Another sold out issue. We no longer have Issue 3 in our own stock, but don't worry. You can still find in shops. Also, Issue 3 is still enroute to North America and Australia.

We are here on invitation from Mission Hall Quilts. They are a quilting shop from Derry in Northern Ireland. But really, they're so much more! You'll have to wait for June issue when we chat with Margeret Lee and others from MHQs. They're even treating our readers to a reproduction and pattern of an 1800s Irish quilt.

There was much buzz yesterday as the show opened and many visitors swarmed around. It is a wonderful feeling to see and talk to the people whom we work for. We work for the readers, and quilters in general, in case your wondering!

Today was a bit quieter and I had time to visit and chat with the people behind some of the busiest shops in Ireland. Yvonne from Quilter's Quest, Gaye from The Fennel Shed, Lynda from The Cotton Shed, Pauline from Pauline's Country Quilts and of course, the MHQ gang.

Over at MHQ stand headquarters, they keep it busy with demonstrations. Such a nifty time, I even sat in on a couple. Which was when I noted just how dedicated they are at Mission Hall Quilts:

Now that is what you call sewing around the clock!


rachel griffith said...

wow. that's awesome sherry!!!
{i'm glad i am lucky and already have one en route.}

the show sounds like lots of fun.
and seriously 12am - 4am...holy moly.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Great stuff Sherry...You are doing something right ;o)

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