Monday, May 25, 2009

Because You Care

Issue 4 is nearly on the newstands and because you care enough to find us on the web, I'd like to treat you to a preview:

Patterns We worked really hard to give you loads of projects. This issue has 13+ patterns! We are focusing on providing more advance patterns and more advance patterns take more space, but we think we can provide a good cross section. There's been a couple readers sending photos of completed IQ projects, and I'm dying to see more. Send them in!

Giveaways I don't care if you think you are never lucky in giveaways or games, I urge you to enter our many competitions and giveaways! This issue is packed with them, and a couple merely require your name and address sent via snail mail, telephonic wires, or email. Heck, I'd gladly enter your name if it came in gliding through our office on a paper airplane.

Tutorials step-by-step photo-illustrated techniques. Sounds clinical and boring, but it will make your quilting more fun! Trust me!

Specials Sew Shapely--several topics on how to sew and piece in curves! Easy level and more difficult. Somthing for everyone.

Features An insight into Frances Sawaya, our very own from County Cavan and Gail Lawther, sharing her celtic beginnings on the English side.

Behind the Scenes
Crisis. You name it, we have it. Doesn't everyone?

:::Lean on your laptop and hear the harddrive break inside

:::Power crash during photo upload...after photos deleted = no photos

:::Hard drive crash taking 3 patterns hostage (yet another computer)

:::Internet stoppage means unhappy campers

:::Increased postage for business customers

:::Missing postal packages (no quilts, thankfully!)

For every crisis, we are happy to report 2x the good times:

:::Entry into UK market...hooray for W.H.Smith customers!

:::Joann Fabrics pick up IQ magazine in 266+ stores...Even if we did have to promise not to reuse model naked lady from premier issue!

:::Discover former Ms. Ireland as top quilter

:::Learn that President of Ireland quilts!

:::Team up with Spain for Quilters' tours

:::Increase circulation to 15,000 with magazines in Ireland, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Germany, South Africa.

Aren't you glad you visited us today?


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Congrats on being picked up by Joann' are moving towards great things!

Butterfly said...

Sew excited to hear that Joann's will have you on sale here in the US. I was jsut about to ask my Dad in Cork to look out for the new issue and post it to me!