Friday, December 9, 2011

Another Choice Issue

The latest issue is on the streets! We are particularly proud of Ireland and our quilters in this issue. There’s a huge amount of quilting being seen in the mainstream. We’re so excited as we report about it all.

Bigger still, and more vast than most subject matters, science is partnering with quilting!! We are so excited to work with our Fair City, chosen from so many European cities, and named City of Science for 2012. In celebration of Dublin City of Science 2012, we want to see science in your quilt. Check out our Science in My Quilt competition. It is early days, sponsors are eagerly signing up and offering prizes (more than €3000 in value), so get creative, grab your lab coat, pick your instrument and come out with a really inventive and creative quilt!

That’s just one article out of so many in this issue.

Last issue, our tutorials were a big hit. Who doesn’t want to learn more?

In this issue, we provide a tutorial for some elegant polishing to a quilt. Our feature quilt required this particular feature so it was easy enough to have the makers of the quilt prepare the tutorial. Once the proof reader went through the paces, we had volumes of tips, tricks and guidelines for our scallop border tutorial. Mass is good, but the need for appropriate presentation and structure reminded me of an online tutorial I once read on a blog:

32 Steps To Do Scallop Borders.
Janey Mac! But it only took me 20 steps to make the quilt top!

1. Experiment
Always a good start!

2. See Step 20. Do I bother with Steps 3-19?

3. Consider not doing scallops and do an ordinary edging.
Grand! Let’s not do it afterall!
4. …

Options. It is all about the options, right?

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