Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big Apples in the Fair City

Monday this week myself and Dermot from the office had the pleasure to visit with Dale and Cathy of City Quilter. They had been visiting in Ireland and we were delighted to meet up in Dublin.

(I have previously met them in Houston and have regularly followed their Manhattan adventures such as creating City Collection fabrics and opening the latest and ONLY Art quilt gallery in NYC!)

Though they had mere days of a tour, we were honoured when we could meet up for a few hours at their hotel. Dermot had been forearmed and planned a little stroll and a visit to the Museum at Collins' Barracks.

Cathy Izzo (City Quilter Owner) Alex Ward (Curator) and myself

Now many here in Dublin know this museum is closed on Mondays. So we were really thankful that Dermot was able to organise a private viewing of some very old antique Irish quilts, categorically filed, "decorative textiles". (I am almost scared to report on this, being I don't want to annoy our lovely currator with similar requests... but it is too good not to share).

Dermot really turned on the charm and with special instruction we went on to view five gorgeous incredible quilts dating from 1700s to early 1900s. Museum quiet and closed, our Currator Alex had to unearth the secure textile boxes, schlep them to a vacant room and find space enough to unfold and layout for viewing. She really went above and beyond to share with us and our friends from the Big Apple. It truly was a grand gesture from the Fair City. My two favourite peoples: Dubs and New Yorkers!

These quilts were exquisite. Hands in gloves, Alex reminded us that photography was not allowed, so goes this blind post. We also want to stress that quilts are, indeed, found on show at the Country Life Museum of County Mayo and NOT in Dublin. So if you want to see incredible textiles like these of olden days of Ireland--olden as in hundred years old--do visit the Country Life Museum in Castlebar.

Dermot is here on left with Dale Riehl (City Quilter Owner), Alex Ward (Currator) Cathy Izzo (City Quilter Owner).

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