Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Stars and Stripes of Ireland

Every month or so, in Dublin there is a large group of ladies who come together to talk about burritos, sunshine, and Nestle Toll House chocolate chips.

These items are atop most topical lists for American fondness amid an Irish lifestyle. I'm not entirely sure how much they are missed, as much as it is nice to chat about common pinings.

Later this Autumn, I will have the opportunity to speak to this group, the American Women's Club of Dublin (AWCD) about quilts, and well, our quilt magazine. As many know, Americans have a longstanding history of traditional quilts, so I look forward to this mixture of sharing and perspective. Below is on left, Margaret (living 10 years in Ireland), at centre, Eileen (living six years in Ireland and me, also a six year veteran to Irish life. All three of us are victims of Celtic love--marrying an Irish lad.

As a member of the Irish Patchwork Society, I am familiar with Marguerite, a dedicated quilter. What I didn't know, was she is American! We are bi-club members. She has held the helm of the quilting groups in AWCD, and understandably time marches on. She has done an incredible Stars and geese-Stripes flag in patchwork, seen with her below. It is fantastic!

We expect a resurgence of patchwork and quilting in the AWCD, and IQ hopes to help lead the way!

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