Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pouring Rain and Quilters in Derry!

Today Terri and I headed to Derry in Northern Ireland. Yes, cue the music: Sherry and Terri on the way to Derry! Just as bad as going to Kerry! And we've done that too!
Things I learned:

1. Derry is closer than I thought -- only took us 3 hours from Dublin!
2. Derry is a beautiful and, walled, city -- surrounded by a wall! Yikes, shows my shallow knowledge of Irish history. You can really imagine the olden days!
3. Derry official symbol is an Oak Leaf, Derry meaning a place of Oak Trees

So, now you know, watch for the Derry fabric (oak leaves) in Mission Hall Quilts! We were visiting and researching MHQ for a future issue. How adorable! Recently relocated to the Craft Village in Derry. MHQ is wonderful!

And the staff is just as great! This is Brigene and Anne.

Stay tuned for MHQ feature in a future issue. (p.s. the ladies are giving away the quilt kit held here in and with their feature!)

The road trip was somewhat uneventful --beyond MHQ--for Terri and me. Usually we find ourselves circling a roundabout 12 times, asking farmers for photo opps or hiking the fields in heels. Terri is recovering from being ill and I'm digging out Issue 4 (coming soon!) content, so low key worked today.

But I DID forget to post about our trip last week--also to Northern Ireland. We went to Enniskillen for a photoshoot on a Jane Quinn design--at fabulous Irish Manor House. All credit to Jane, an ideal spot! On the way home, we detoured on a hunt for quilt art rumoured to be in a church in Coolhute? Drumeltan? Cornbeagh? Kill? Last count was seven churches (some villages have two and more!) when we finally found the holy grail quilt hangings.

By the time we arrived, several local folk had been alerted to watch and help the two "tourists" looking for fabric in a church!

So, sometimes it takes a village to raise quiltart. And us to report on it. Appearing soon in Irish Quilting!


Anonymous said...

Amiable post and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

Lucy said...

Just to let you know that there is a good store with funky fabrics in the Enniskillen Buttermarket.