Friday, November 25, 2011

Behind Behind the Scenes

Is there anybody out there? Just nod…ah forget it…
The Boss (Sherry) is away, so I’m here at the computer in the office with Kevin beavering away in the Other Office. I DO hear a keyboard being used, so…
Oh yeah, I’m Dermot and what I know about quilting is about equal with my left boot’s
understanding of Quantum Mechanics. To me, Jacob’s ladder is a very scary movie. Good to meet you! There. I confessed and I feel much the better for doing so. I’m a quilting ignoramus!
Why work at a quilting magazine, then? Well, let me stop you right there. I don’t work at A quilting magazine; I work at THE quilting magazine in these here parts. A small but important point, no? As for writing, filing, processing adverts and subscriptions, proof reading and making a damn fine mug of coffee (if I do say so myself), I LOVE it!
Lately, however, odd things have been happening. Our beloved Lauren has transferred to Dublin, Sherry is more out of office than in and even my wife and son are visiting a sick relative…..I’m keeping a very close eye on Kevin. Abandonment is a terrible thing!

Never mind, minor mental issues aside, the weather here is pretty spectacular for this time of year. Usually by this time, small animals have been kicking at my back door and making with the whinging and wailing but this year? Let’s just say that it’s never good for one’s self esteem to have a hedgehog, four Thrushes and a Robin turn their noses up at the usual scraps and nuts left outside for them. And one would get funny looks if one should chastise said ingrates with a stout stick.
Better leave it at that. Wonder what Sherry will think of me invading her blog like this?
So, any of you looking for a half-decent, house trained office worker?



Rafael's Mum said...

Do you do housework ? :-)

Kelly J said...

More importantly, is your passport up to date?