Sunday, June 19, 2011

Reward Offered for Most Wanted Readers

Update: FOUND One Reader
Our unsung winner of the Janome blocks has been identified as Vicky Parsons. Now, Vicky, you winner, where are you?

We've lost two readers. Have you ever heard of anything sillier? It's not.
You see, it's happened and well, we're hoping you can help us find them.

One reader was lucky winner Robena Tyndall of County Antrim in our last issue. She won the book Charmed Beginnings by Jo Baddeley. Somewhere between the name draw and the packaging of her winning, her address was misplaced. Anyone who knows her and can put us in touch with Robena,will be rewarded with a year's subscription to Irish Quilting.

Worse, but funnier, is how we came to lose our next reader.

This reader sent in the block below, a winning block! Somehow, there was the wrong name credited to this block in our Janome competition. We were so delighted to receive 70+ blocks for judging; I actually thought, for a moment, that we should photograph each one with a name placard as they arrived in the post. Oh! but I didn't. (People, always follow your gut!)I suppose it is most upsetting because the winning block is in the magazine mis-identified and oh, how I wish this reader would phone us.

If you know someone who knows this block, please put us in touch and we'll reward you with a two year's subscription to Irish Quilting.

Time to network friends. We always want to find readers, but I'm particularly attached to these two.


Stacey said...

I wish I could say it was mine, but it's not, good luck finding your winner :O}

Vicki said...

Sherry - just read your posting last night and was very surprised to see it's me you're looking for! What's the best way/number to get in touch with you? Vicki Parsons