Saturday, February 5, 2011

When Picking Favourites is Fun

Thank you to everyone who sent in Janome Jackpot competition blocks.

The blocks are officially with the first set of judges. Though I'm not a contestant nor a judge, I snuck a box of chocolates into the box when handing over the entry blocks.

In fact, knowing for these two judges it is a weekend of patchwork lectures and courses, well, might they be judging this very moment?

Personally, I like the odd red wine with my chocolates, but it's bad enough I'm influencing (for no reason) with chocolates, but to impair them with vino, well no hard-working contestant wants that! And don't ask who the judges are just yet, I'll take no chances of anyone else plying them liquor!

As editor, I've reserved a special 13th winner slot, beyond the fantastic 12 wins so generously awarded by Janome. While I'm so very thankful not to be a judge, I am going to select an Editor's Favourite: a favourite hand-picked block which spoke to me. Working in a small office, I personally opened each and every block. I know the one who spoke to me, she quietly whispered, "Love me." And I did.

The next time I see her, I'll be honoured to announce her as my favourite. Who knows, she might take home more than one title? But for everyone's sake, I hope not!

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Rafael's Mum said...

How exciting Sherry! I hope you had a great many beautiful entries and am looking forward to seeing that wonderful quilt once everything is done and dusted. I am also looking forward to see which block whispered to you! Thank you for putting up this extra honour. There is still some time to go till the end of March but please keep us informed on how it's going. Loved this post.

Stacey said...

I am so anxiously awaiting the results!!!! the end of march cannot come soon enough :O}