Tuesday, January 11, 2011

make, do, and a pint, please?

At half-past six and armed with handbags bulging of textiles, car filling of chatter and giggles, we with oodles of inspiration bounced along the potholes and back lanes to converge together in one famous Irish pub for a "make and do" session.

Twice a month, the O'Toole family extends the pub's conservatory room to a gang of creative minds to knit, quilt, sew, paint--well anything you wish to "make and do". The pub is the Harbor Bar in Bray--recently voted the best pub in the world in the Lonely Planet survey.

A newcomer, I brought some handwork sewing and quickly felt at ease.

Pull up a stool and read more about this creative gathering in an upcoming issue...


The Quilting Pirate said...

How fun indeed!! Now that is they way to meet up!!

Quilting Sue said...

How fun! I wish we had someplace here that would do that!! Hmmm...maybe I should ask our local pub owners what they think of this idea!! :)