Monday, September 20, 2010

Hats Off to All The Tidy Towns

I know. I know.
Most visitors to Ireland think all our towns are tidy. And, well, they are.

But once a year, there is one town that takes the cake. This fabulous tradition is laden with spirit and pride. The winner of Tidy Towns 2010 is Tallanstown in County Louth. Congratulations!

Here in the office, our creative wheels are spinning in forward motion. What about a quilt that commemorates all the effort and work that went into make Tallanstown the best tidiest little town of Ireland? We're thinking. We're thinking. Keep tuned for a Tidy Towns quilt!

"The national Tidy Towns competition is an annual competition organised by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government with the support of the main sponsor SuperValu and many other agencies.

The competition involves participating areas being rated on all aspects of their local environment and prizes awarded to the best under many different categories. The overall winner is "Ireland's Tidiest Town".
" For more information visit the Tidy Town website.

I'd like to end this post with a giveaway bonanza. The first person to comment who has been to Tallanstown (honour system, people!) will receive a full year's subscription to Irish Quilting (€29.95/$52.99). And the first person to comment who LIVES within 5 miles of Tallanstown will recieve Jo Baddeley's Charmed Beginnings patchwork guide book.

And don't forget to tell us a little something about Tallanstown in your comment!

Hooray for Tallanstown! We're coming your way!!


Kay said...

On our way to Northern Ireland last week we were on the M1 and decided to take a detour to see Ardee ( I was there many years ago),and as Tallanstown was just north of there we decided to go up to see it. It is such a pretty place, absolutely pristine. There were so many flowers and you could see the pride that the locals have in their village. I'm glad we took the time to have a look.

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