Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Testing on Cloud Nine

Just signing off this long, busy day. We have had a full office of testing, testing and testing. The next issue is nearly at the printers--and yes,it will be with readers very shortly. Hoo-ray!
As you know, I always try my hand at some of the projects. Oh yes, tried and tested. Here is my pride of today, below! Guttermann is sponsoring a quiltart postcard making project--details in your next read!

I call this Hair on Cloud Nine. It will be a congratulations card to my neice in Washington who is beginning beauty school in June. Another hoo-ray!

Tonight, I leave you with one thought of gratitude: Editors are not allowed to participate in the challenges. Lucky for you--'cause I'm hooked on these easy peasy postcards!



Tracey said...

Well ... no disrespect Sherry but lets hope your niece does a better hairdo than yours ... lol

Loving it! She looks all windswept and carefree.

Anonymous said...

Sherry, we loved the postcard! They are quite unique! Bethany is very excited to be in school and Sarah is as excited to be graduated. We love you! Angie

Elizabeth of Online Fabric Store said...

I never heard of quiltart postcards. I love the your card Sherry, including the title.