Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bithday Time!

We are here at the Dublin RDS, our last day of the birthday celebration!
Issue 6 rolled off the press on Thursday and anyone who can't come to our party this weekend will be seeing the magazine first thing this next week. If you're a suscriber, it'll be on its way in this week's mail. If you're not a subscriber, what are you waiting for? Sign up!

The show started Thursday and it has been great. Yesterday the rain appeared, so I hope our last day still brings a crowd! The stands are great. There are a good few businesses that are not on the craft page per say, but folks, I spoke to the organisers as well as the ladies from the Craft Council of Ireland, and this show will only improve year to year! They together have exciting plans to bring in some wonderful crafting for the future RDS Knitting and Stitching Shows. So that is very good news. All in all, it is a great buzz.

We've been on the map a year now! Wow! What a journey. A few quilters and I started this magazine in our minds as a dream. There's been a few moments of awe over the weekend, just thinking back to the work, sweat and tears (oh yes! there's been tears!). But one year in our back pocket and this show brings our work to light. Or rather, talking to the people here does. The ladies(and men!) have much to say, very much positive about the magazine. And, anything critical, well, we want to hear it! Like the show, we will only improve from here on. We are ready and onward on Vol II!

Also on our stand is the fabulous Nikki Foley from County Kerry. She is a great designer who has teamed up with us for all of Volume II with a great celtic creation (all her creation, our promotion!) in her Celtic Designs. They are the Signs of the Year in true Celtic history. She's done blocks in wonderful dyed fabrics and is selling the kits--so you can dye you're own blocks! Don't forget to use each issue in Volume II to find the pattern. I don't think I captured her on the camera yet, but today's bound to be the best day.

We've had birthday cake every day at 1-2. I think our stand neighbor thought we had serious sweet tooths, but now he knows we are just bonkers for a celebration! Each cake each day reveals a different mag cover from Volume 1. We have balloons and at 4pm we giveaway a big birthday present along with the goodies going to ever re-newal and new subscriber with €20+ purchases. Fat quarters and thread, food for the quilter's soul.

Today will be the party. We even have face painting. I would ordinarily preface it with kids' face painting, but hey our paints work on anyone. We'll keep the camera out for this one. As a mom, on the Halloween weekend, it was the best I could do to include my daughters--they arrive from the babysitter in time to see the afternoon antics at the show.

PEOPLE, it's all about the kids, if we don't feed them cake and paint their faces silly, who else is going to carry on the wonky blocks of our quilting world??

Happy Birthday,


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Happy Birthday Irish Quilting!!! What a fabulous year you have had and I'm sure you have many more successful years ahead of you!!

rachel griffith said...

happy birthday irish quilting!!!

Rose Hughes said...

Congratulations! It feels great to have discovered your magazine as it celebrates its first year. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful quilterly things its future holds.

Vickie E said...

Hi! You may not remember me, but we met at quilt market. I was with Rachel Griffith. I found the dot fabric that Rachel used in her challenge block. I was able to get 3 yards of it. Please contact me at vleapen at yahoo dot com and let me know if you still need it to complete the challenge quilt. Thanks so much Vickie