Saturday, August 22, 2009

FOQ Birmingham Sightings

I began this post wanting to tell you minute by minute recounts of the last two days of at the Festival of Quilts. Minutes ago, and at the request of my tired husband, I’ve revised my post from a babbling ramble to a list of who’s who highlights. (in my book everyone who takes interest in the magazine presents a highlight, so if I missed mentioning you, drop us an email and tell us your FOQ details!

Margaret and Helen--our friends at Mission Hall Quilts. We are blessed with our friendship and the knowledge and business experience that they share. They do an incredible job of promoting quilting in Ireland.

Chris Hammacott—author of Wild and Woolen in Wales, our Vol I, Issue 5. Wonderful to meet in face after an online working relationship.

Jackie Preston—an up and coming professional quilter from North Dublin. A mom of four (under 14yo), part-time nurse and long arm quilter. How does she do it all? Go Jackie!

Manuela and Emma from Rowan and FreeSpirit—the ones to know when you want delicious fabrics

Ferret—this lady is soooo talented. Earlier in the year, we contacted this great designer named Ferret hoping for fab feature. She sailed by our booth, in her infamous energy, leaving her most recent book, she’s promised she’ll be back!

Miriam and Mary—travelling from Dublin, two quilters who know what’s what and who’s who of Irish quilting. Miriam is a self-professed workshop junkie who does extraordinary work with postcards and ATCs. Mary is our Irish representative in the European Quilt Association (EQA); she does incredible work pulling together many exhibitions.

Last year I spoke to the EQA of the magazine-to- be, so I’m delighted this year she’s giving a copy of Issue 5 to every EQA member! Future issues will now be full of European events from all over!

Geraldine and Marion—the nicest two sisters ever. Bernadette hails from Co. Clare and Marion from Co. Donegal.

Yvonnne—From Belfast, Yvonne of Quilters’ Quest was strolling the festival.

Beryl and Robyn—more longarm quilters. We’re all on stands so it is a wonder we see each other; so last night’s class of wine was wonderfully enjoyed in their company. The big news is Robyn’s quilt one second prize in Traditional, Overall. It is stunning to see this masterpiece in person and very obvious why it won.

(PS. Both these ladies are world class longarm quilters. I’ll let you in on a secret: in the October issue there is going to be a longarm service giveaway AND these ladies are signed up to do the quilting, along with other greats! So get your pushed aside quilt top ready and who knows? You may get your quilt quilted by a winner!)

Laura and Rebecca—these gals are keeping us laughing and in sweet disposition. If you’re looking for us, look for pretty Rebecca and Laura and they’ll show you where we are.

Kass and Ruth—designers extraordinaire from County Waterford. We work with many of Kass and Ruth’s designs, so it was great to see them playing among the stands taking in inspiration for future creations. Can’t wait to see!

Mary and Veronica—our own panel member and her daughter did the day journey on Thursday.
Brenda Wroe—our first day brought a real surprise visitor, Brenda was the judge for the RDS Craft Competition. Both she and Terri were excited to meet one another as it was Terri’s quilt that Brenda ruled the number one place for that competition a few weeks back.

Stitch Witch—our favourite witch! Lynette is so talented! She is our stand mate across the way. So it was especially great that we are featuring her fabulous shamrock pattern in our now on sale 2010 calendar!

Bridget—another quilter from Co. Waterford. She and her friend brightened our first hour on our first day.

Debra and Erika, Down Under—a wonderful publication, led by these two very capable gals. We were excited to meet and share editor woes and greats. It is the start of a long and fun friendship.

Day 3 is only beginning here in Birmingham, stay tuned!

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Hi Sherry - lovely to meet you in Birmingham! We arrived home yesterday after a great trip. I have blogged about your mag this morning - check it out at

Keep on quilting!